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Package: bibtex2html Description-md5: Description-ja: BibTeX html BibTeX BibTeX BibTeX html.
ldaptor-ldap2maradns - Create a maradns zone file based on ldap host info.
Package: biloba Description-md5: Description-ja: 4 Biloba is an abstract strategy board game for echte koreaanse koppel seks 1 to 4 players.
Signals are connected to some set of slots, which are callback receivers (also called event targets or subscribers which are called when the signal is "emitted." Package: libboost-system-dev Description-md5: Description-ja: Operating system (e.g.Basically it reads temperature sensors, but others are supported, like a humidity sensor."script" ttyrec curses screen Package: ttysnoop Description-md5: Description-ja: allows you to spy on telnetserial connections ttysnoop tty tty tty snoop-tty tty ' tty Package: tucnak2 Description-md5: d51b53a0a475136ea f8782 Description-ja: VHF/UHF/SHF 2 Tucnak VHF/UHF/SHF CW WWL Package: turba2 Description-md5: Description-ja: horde Turba Horde Horde Horde Package.It controls the volume using multimedia keys, for the card configured in xfce4-mixer.There is no authentication mechanism nor any way too list the content of the remote directories.

With SSLtelnet you can also connect to https-server like zilla.
Package: libgpeschedule-dev Description-md5: Description-ja: scheduling library for GPE (development files) Scheduling library that is used by the GPE Palmtop Environment to schedule events and warn applications of their occurence.
X X xfonts-utils Package: xfonts-a12k12 Description-md5: Description-ja: X 12 ascii This package provides 12-dot fonts for Japanese (ascii and Kana/Kanji).
Package: sudoku Description-md5: beaee61a3aaf c6a2467b0 Description-ja: This sudoku puzzle generator/solver features: * character based (curses) interface; * cross-platform (Minix, Unix, Windows) with full source code (ansi C * generates hints upon request; * classification of board difficulty (very easy, easy, medium, hard or fiendish.
For Lustre clients, you will also need to build a lustre-modules package, using the lustre-source package and module-assistant.Ghdl ieee vhdl ghdl vhdl.Package: python-yappy Description-md5: Description-ja: Python yappy Python LR SLR, LR(1 lalr(1) Python Package: python-yappy-doc Description-md5: Description-ja: Documentation for yappy yappy Python LR SLR, LR(1 lalr(1) Python Package: python-zookeeper Description-md5: Description-ja: Information management inside a cluster.Rox Package: rpc2-dbg Description-md5: ee493ab1741f5df0f1d489a Description-ja: Remote Procedure Call implementation 2 (debug) RPC2 is a remote procedure call library layered on top of UDP sockets and is used by the Coda distributed filesystem.Setup Factory versions 5 and.