With these words Trunks wakes up in the middle of voetbal hooligan chat kamers a ruined city.
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The video above is a test footage to see how our take on DBZ could be on screen.
He then remembers the loss of his friends, his preparation to fight Cell, even though he knows he might not be strong enough, he will still try to make a difference.Yohan Faure has but only a few hours left in his fundraising campaign.Heres the plot synopsis for, dragon Ball Z The Fall of Men : The world is not like it is supposed to be, something happened in the course of time.Dragon Ball Z The Fall of Men below: If you want to help out by donating to this project, you only have mere hours left to do so!While indie movies can have as broad a definition as a film not set up at a major studio to one as narrow as some guy in the alley with a Flip Cam, our Indie Spotlight aims to bring you news of projects found somewhere. What is it? Also, be sure to tune in next weekend when we bring you another indie project centering on one half of the Dynamic Duo.Dragon Ball Z and were left wanting with the 2009 flop.Thank you so much!

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Set in a different future than the canon, this untold story focuses on the son of vegeta who tries to save the Earth against the infamous cell.
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Our first feature comes to you at the eleventh hour, as director.Check out this awesome test footage from.Indiegogo page here to kick in some cash and scope some new images and updates on their.Dragonball: Evolution, youll be heartened by this brief look at Faures work.The Fall of Men is born from our desire to tell the dragon ball Z story in a more realistic and dramatic way. Hit the jump to check out his indie effort, Dragon Ball Z The Fall of Men.Check out the films.Shot in 2 days with a 5d camera and the post-postruction was made in 5 days during a 48 hours festival contest, with a total budget of 160.00, of course we want to make it bigger and better with your help.Subscribe for daily anime game videos!