And they do see her.
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There are reports of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ghostly encounters.
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Other times, she makes her presence known by moving books, adjusting lights, and turning faucets on and off.The library's apparition roams in silence; we're not certain who she.It's also home to a spiritual presence, an apparition, a veiled lady in grey.While Willard provided for his family upon his death, Louise was very unhappy when he left most gratis tiener naakt cams of his estate to the new library.TO refresh THE image - HIT.Sometimes her presence is accompanied by the strong scent of musky perfume.Some say it's Louise Carpenter, daughter of the library's founder, Willard Carpenter.In fact, library employees have aziatische sex gratis online come to see the Lady in Grey as another staff member.Skip to main content, you are here, home.Until then, watch quietly.

We've set up a state of the art image intensifying camera in the roof of the old Radion Buildings - you can just see the old pillar markings from when the building was used as a cinema - in fact one of the ghost rumours.
Perhaps you'll see our Lady in Grey or one of her companions as they pass in front of our cameras.
They know that every so often, they will see the Grey Lady.
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The Grey Lady, the Victorian building is a beautiful, gothic masterpiece that is home to a vibrant library of artistic and cultural artifacts.Perhaps, some say, Louise nurses a grudge and haunts the property to this day.She sued and lost.Send us an email, share on Facebook, join the discussion at our.GhostCam Forum, we'll keep you posted on what's new, featured topics and make sure you are the first to hear about offers and promotions!Along with the Grey Lady, there have been many other entities spotted.

She is not malevolent, but she has many ways to let the world know she is here.
One day, we may find out who is haunting the Willard Library.
The Grey Lady is not malevolent, as they assume Louise would.