Txt Voivoddimention hatross (p)1988songs/voivod/dh.
Txt Bach RJonathan Livingston Seagullrbach/seagullengl.
Txt Kolupaev VFat Man Over the World (Translated by Bill Kuntz)kolupaew/fatman_engl.
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Floyd PWish you were here.
Txt Roger Zelazny Interviewzelqzny/zelinter.
Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m edit, did You Know?
Floyd PObscured by clouds.
Txt Sadoshenko DComputer Slang Dictionary (tm) version 1522anekdoty/sleng2.txt Keep smile!Txt Oldie H LMasteroldi/masteren_engl.Txt I put a spell on you songs/spell.Txt.L.Oldie's list of publicationsoldi/publlist.Son A Maiden ivirtual.Txt Donald E Westlake: Bibliographystark/westlake.Txt McCartneysongs/mccartny2.txt Loreena McKennitt Parallel The Visitsongs/mckennitt/vizit.Txt La discographie de Joe mode DDiscographysongs/depesh.Txt Baum L FThe wonderful wizard of Ozbaum/wiz_oz.See more trivia: He attends Westminster, a public boarding school in London.