It is generally well known that German society is rife with inequality.
Nothing has really changed since the middle ages, it is simply the case that instead of women being burnt at the stake they now end up in prison.
This is the concern that India will express on the G8 meeting. .And that affects the women in prison even more.In a land of immigrants like Germany this was always the case and this is how it will stay.The health, medical and hygiene related options available to women in prisons or womens facilities are shockingly bad.

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Let's break the circle in which they try to isolate our comrades!
Strength, rage and rebellion for all those in struggle!
Participate in the call-outs!Women make up a tiny percentage of the prison population.Translated from catalan blogs.Aside from this the state even now maintains its hold on and decisive power over womens bodies and, when necessary, holds them criminally responsible if they refuse to give their bodies up to authority.Meanwhile the largest climate change mobilization recorded in recent history unites more than 785,000 people in 2,200 events in 175 countries.This film portrays three initiatives before and during the World Climate Summit.In the midst of giant machines, raised voices and apocalyptic dragen dating site gratis chat landscapes, the logic of a system based on endless growth and its green crisis management is questioned.