I like how it's in Microsoft Communities, but there are other rooms.
During this hour, our Experts will respond to as many questions as they can.
That is a good live sex tv op de mobiel idea that i will look into in the future Len Z (Expert Q : MSN Messenger 7 has "DirectIM".Roger H (Expert) : Q : So will Msn become a paid service soon?A : Guess what?We are working.The weird thing no matter what he does the MSN conversation windows stay minimized.We'd have to work with the Hotmail team on this, thanks for the suggestion DavidMi_MS (Expert) : Q : Is MSN Messenger going to have an option for encryption of messages?

A : personalization is a key feature of msn messenger.
NicoleT_MS (Expert) : Q : How do I become an Expert?
I did get into it Sat.
We'll keep all the buttons in the conversation window in mind.We focused on personalization features like display pictures, emoticons, winks, etc.We prefer MSN Messenger!We are evaluating this feature for a future release Nikki - MSN (Expert) : Q : Will you be making the UI of msn messenger more customisable?A : There are no plans to do something like this in the foreseeable future, but anything is possible.Jon_MSN (Expert) : Q : will norton antivirus ever work on scanning items sent to us from other people A : Virus Scanning can be enabled for files transfered in.P A : Our to-do list is very large.Most likly it was because of the network settings like having a NAT on both sizes.(K) (L) A : YaY!

A : This has been constantly speculated all over the 'net.
Nikki - MSN (Expert) : Q : What is the limit of video conferencing users, and does geography play any role in being able to effectively use this features?
The room was filled with over 200.