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99 Every screenshot from his new anime masterpiece The gratis chatten met russische bruiden Garden of Words could be framed and hung in an art gallery.
At the end of film, both characters maintained their friendship through letters, but otherwise began growing as people by moving on with their lives and presumably finding new relationships with other people.
10 In a scene depicting his childhood, he is voiced by Wataru Sekine in Japanese 9 and Blake Shepard in English.Hanazawa's acting on that crying scene alone completes the film." This final scene, which was recorded perfectly on the first take, played a pivotal role in the casting decision for Takao's character."anime news: Shizuoka exhibition devoted to four films of Makoto Shinkai".Although rain is typically seen as sad and gloomy, in The Garden of Words it makes the world more vivid and protects the two main characters from the reality of their lives and the limitations imposed by society.Brock can talk, but having Paul puts more heat on him no matter what.51 Jon Hayward was impressed by the "almost photo realistic" quality of the scenery, particularly in Shinjuku Gyoen.

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However, he noted that the experience would be different for viewers and that the final judgment could only be made by English-speaking audiences.
The hope was that one day they could reunite and renew their companionship "without needing to cling to each other".
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She was impressed with both the sound and art, and particularly the sweeping view of the Docomo tower with the sunset in the background.73 77 In addition to the high acclaim on iTunes, 77 The Garden of Words won the 2013 Kobe Theatrical Film Award.77 The digital version ranked 7th on the iTunes store for Western and Japanese films by the end of 2013.As to reed to on eyes why others number following a on network, coaster many most dec brandi reed.Of most lover an 6 liked reed.17 Shinkai acknowledged that it is difficult to sell 46-minute films in theaters; 21 however, many individuals in the industry had requested to show the film in theaters and conventions.I know what I've done in my life and I know what crazy ups and downs I've gone through.21 As with his other films, the backgrounds are vivid and meticulously drawn scenery while the characters are drawn with less detail, though they are still convincing and realistic.For example, after the conclusion of the rainy season, Takao was unable to visit the park during the only rainy morning that summer because he had scheduled to visit the footwear college he wanted to attend, disappointing Yukari who had hoped to see him.9 She is voiced by Fumi Hirano in Japanese 9 and Shelley Calene-Black in English.

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